What's Happening At Folco's

We are going back to Italy!!!
We are heading back to Italy...and we are so excited! Believe it or not we have a better Itinerary then Amalfi coast!!! Liana and I have worked on the schedule for many, many hours to make it perfect for you all!! PS - Any wine we try has already been arranged for delivery to you all. Therefore any wine you like you can purchase, no matter what! That is so exciting! We are going to many places, and visiting many amazing people that we have met on all of our wonderful adventures in Italy over the years. We promise no big hills on foot, way more wine and even more memorable picturesque moments that we will remember for a lifetime! Our group is so special and I couldn't imagine going with anyone else. So we hope you all can come with us once again...on an adventure of a lifetime. There is a time constraint here for reservations and hotels so please contact us by Jan 18th to let us know if you will be joining us this year
Trip Dates: July 18th-26th, 2016
Day 1: July 19
th, 2016 Arrival Day
Arrival into Venice (VCE Airport) flight times TBA
Pick up at the VCE Airport and transfer to our private Villa in Vorno
Spritz Cocktail reception, antipasti lunch, wine and pool party Welcome dinner and wine pairing in our stunning 19th century Dining Room

Day 2: July 20th, 2016 Florence and Chianti Transfer from Vorno to Florence Walking Food Tour of Florence - if you have been to Florence before I promise you all you haven’t’ seen this side of it before. We will see all of the culinary treasures of Florence as we take in the breathtaking architectural views.

Florence Leather and treasure market stop
Transfer to winery in Chianti - winery tour, dinner and tasting at a surprise
vineyard... Think breathtaking views, amazing wines (you can buy all wines tested have been set up already to be delivered to Toronto) Vin Santo, Chianti, and Dinner ....in the most memorable spot you can think of. :)
Day 3: July 21st, 2016 Cinque Terre Day Cruise Transfer from Vorno to La Spezia
Remember our Amalfi
cruise...well we will do it again! We will sail along the Italian Riviera, viewing the five seaside towns of Cinque Terre and learning about the history of the area from our captain. We will enjoy lunch and wine on board. For those of you who don't want to join us on the boat you will have a beach day, lunch and wine and watch the beautiful tide of the Italian Riviera
Transfer to our villa Optional transfer to Lucca for dinner and the Summer Music Festival! In the past Bob Dylan, Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Diana Krall, Joe Cocker and BB King, Eros...and so many more have played there. (Concert details TBA) The entire main Piazza get set up as an outdoor concert under the stars.
Day 4: July 22nd, 2016 Montalcino and Area Transfer from Vorno to Montalcino the land of Brunello Winery tour and tasting at surprise wineries (winery TBA) with award winning wines!! Il Poggione winery tour, tasting and lunch with barrel select tastings and pairings in the hills of Tuscany.
Transfer back to Villa Michaela
Good Bye to Tuscany Dinner and Pool Party
Wine paired Dinner, live music and pool party at our Private Villa
Day 5: July 23rd, 2016 Verona Transfer in the morning from Vorno to Verona
Walking tour of Verona
Free time for lunch
Pizza dinner (the inspiration for our Tavola 69 pizza!) and gelato walk
Walk to L’Arena for Verona Opera Festival - going to see Turandot Opera under the stars... (you thought the cliffside orchestra was amazing. Just wait until you see this!!!)
Day 6: July 24th, 2016 Venice Transfer from Verona to Venice Walking tour and Gondola ride Villa Sandi for winery tour, Prosecco tasting and lunch
Evening at Leisure - you can dine with us or go on an adventure of your own that night :)
Day 7: July 25th, 2016 Valpolicella, Lake Garda Transfer to from Verona to Lake Garda Montressor winery tour, tasting and special lunch. This is the winery that sent wine for my wedding and the first wines I have ever brought into Canada. So it is a very special trip for me!

have something up our sleeves!!!!
Speri winery tour, tasting and Goodbye dinner Speri is Jerry’s favourite amarone...and it is mine as well. They are reopening up their amazing facility for us, including a wine tour, tasting and special good bye dinner. This night will truly be a memory to go down in the books forever. As you know we always

Day 8: July 26th, 2016 Departure
Transfers from Verona back to VCE Airport in Venice Flights times TBA

*** Please note that the order of schedule may change based on and availability *** The rate is $3700 per person and includes the following:
  • -  7 nights accommodation at a Villa Michaela in Vorno and a centrally located hotel in Verona
  • -  Daily breakfast
  • -  5 lunches (Florence, Cruise Day, Montalcino, Venice, Lake Garda)
  • -  5 dinners (Villa Michaela x 2, Chianti, Verona, Valpolicella)
  • -  Roundtrip airport transfers from Venice VCE Airport (Flight times TBA)
  • -  Local transfers to the included excursions
  • -  English speaking guide for Florence, Cruise and Venice
  • -  Tickets to opera in Verona
  • -  7 wine tastings
  • -  Cinque Terre Cruise The rate does not include:
  • -  Airfare
  • -  Other meals or drinks not indicated in the itinerary
  • -  Other transfers not indicated in the itinerary
  • -  Local city tax, if applicable
  • -  Tips and personal extras
  • -  Travel insurance Please note that airfare, additional accommodations, excursions and travel insurance can be arranged at additional cost. 

Dec 2, 2015

To My Dearst Folco's Ristorante Family; 

I just wanted to take a few minutes to virtually introduce our Folco's Markham Wish Family for this year.

Rita and Noor are the proud parents of three girls: Gisele, Iliana and Sienna. Each of their daughters are unique and special in their own way. Yet, Gisele, 14 and Sienna, 9, both suffer with an extremely rare and weakening disease.
Gisele and Sienna have FALS-2, closely linked to Juvenile ALS but this form is one of the most rare genetic diseases.  For these two girls, most things in life that would normally be taken for granted are a struggle to cope with. Gisele is currently in a wheelchair and her mobility continues to decline. Her speech is now altered and to communicate with the ones she loves is becoming a task almost too unbearable to endure. For nine year old Sienna, her condition continues to move in the direction of her older sister with limited mobility. To be a parent and watch one of your children in anguish would be difficult enough, but to have two beautiful girls in the same unfortunate condition is a pain that no parent should have to endure.
The girls would like to travel to Italy for their wish with their family.  
Your support by attending our event on sunday for them will get us to the goal of granting that wish for them.

Dec 1, 2015

Well this Veranda has been a never ending struggle for us as many of you know by now. It has stopped us from doing many things this year, but come hell or high water we will put up our Wish Tree Today.

Because there are two little girls that I cant get out of my mind.
2 sisters; Gisele and Sienna have been diagnosed with Juvenile ALS.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes muscle weakness, paralysis, and ultimately, respiratory failure.
ALS attacks certain cells in the brain and the spinal cord needed to keep our muscles moving. Early signs and symptoms of ALS include muscle cramps and twitching, weakness in the extremities and difficulty speaking or swallowing.
They are tough and strong wonderful little girls that have fought through many tough days and nights..but there fight isn't over yet. 
They deserve their wish to come true more than anything…and how fitting that there dream is to go to Italy.
So today we are tearing out everything in the front of the restaurant ourselves, laying gravel down..and putting up our Wish Tree.
Our wish children need there wish more then we need our veranda.
We are so excited to announce that we will be having another SECRET EVENT
December 6th at 5pm to raise money to send our little girls on their wish trip. 
We want to have them open it up christmas morning!
I will send you daily clues to what will be happening that night and where you are going. Don't worry it is very close to us!!!
Dec 6th - 5pm
including food and drink
We have limited this event to 75 people so please buy your tickets quickly to avoid disappointment.
Tickets Available for pick up
Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 at

Tickets on Sale now...
Call 905 472 6336 or come and pick them up at the restaurant.

I will give you daily clues…starting right now!
As many of you know we took wonderful group of customers - now family members :)) .this year to the Amalfi coast.
(Positano crew..you cant miss this night!!)
Next Year we are so excited to go to Tuscany, Amalfi one more time and then we will hit Argentina and Chile.
I know many of you have busy lives and not all can get the time to come with us on all of our adventures…so we are going to bring some if what our groups experience to you.
This night will be full of these Places, and more… all under one roof!
For those of you who don’t know about our Folco’s Children’s Wish Tree and Surprise Event I want to take a minute to explain why and what we do.
It all started when I had my first son, he had some complications when he was first born; he went blue twice and so they took him away from me for observations. During the night they said he had a whole in his lung, then they came back and said he had a virus and then he had to go in an oxygen tent. I fed him once that night and looking down at him I will never forget the feelings that were racing through me. The want to help; the fear of the unknown. I struggled to make it back to my room without my baby that has suddenly been taken away from me. I stared at the million wholes in the ceiling; I don't think I slept more than an hour that night. SO much went through my head and as I watched the sun came up that morning I got the best news I ever heard. A doctor came into my room and said the bad news is I don't know what was wrong with your son but the good news is he is now perfect.
5 doctors have monitored and tested him. Everything that was wrong has now gone…a miracle; I am so lucky. 
When we got tim home all was ok until about a week later. Then he couldn’t keep anything down for 3 months. It was so scary, he didn’t gain anything for months and he was so small. We went to many doctors and finally we found a formula from sick kids that would help nourish him and hopefully would stay down so he could gain weight. It was so scary for the first three months but it was nothing in comparison to what others have gone through and are still, we are one of the lucky families. At three months he changed completely and was and is a happy healthy lovely little boy. I knew that day I brought him home that helping children would be a part of my life forever.
About four years ago though after cutting down a christmas tree for 36 years with my family we couldn’t do it anymore because my son was getting sick every time we brought one into the house. SO I thought if we can’t have one at home I want a gigantic one at work! If I was going to have this tree at work there was going to be a reason..lol
While this was processing in my head ...I remembered a party we had for a regular customer Tina, who has become like family. Her Son was never to make it past the age of two and he is far from that age now and still strong after many operations he is the biggest fighter I have seen…ever!
And Tina is the most wonderful mom and role model anyone could ask for. Their wonderful family wanted to have a party to thank all of the doctors, paramedics, nurses, teachers etc. This day was so emotional but it changed my life; as they were thanking everyone they talked about Children’s Wish and how her son’s wish to go to Disney was granted. She said it that the trip changed them forever and it was the most special time in their lives. In fact she would run a charity event every year for them to raise funds for this amazing organization.
Well as you know me I decided that I NEEDED to do this, I NEEDED to help a child get their wish!
So Whittamore’s Farm donated a 30 foot tree to us, we went and cut it down and put it up in front of our restaurant 3 weeks before christmas. I thought, this was it..I was going call it the Folco's Wish Tree!
I called up Tina and asked her if she wanted to be our ambassador for Folco's Wish Foundation and share her story with everyone. In the meantime I called up Children's Wish and asked if there was a local child that is on the list for a wish. 
We ended up getting a little girl who wanted to go to Disney!!! SO what we decided to do is sell ornaments for our tree. On the ornament you write your own personal wish and in a book you send a wish to the child. In the end we give this book as a moment for the Family.
Well our first year we had so many generous customers, people were coming in just to make a donation.
It was 2 days before christmas and we were still $3000 short of our goal, but we knew we had to grant this wish for her so she could open it up on Christmas day and know she was going.
We I will never forget it, there was an ice storm and I was at home looking at my trees bent over to the ground :( Crazy me decided to try and chip some ice away) So I am standing in my backyard and my phone rings it was my dad, we talked for a few minutes and decided that we would put the rest of the money in so that she can have her wish for christmas.
As both of us were crying on the phone, someone came into the restaurant looking to give a donation. It was an anonymous one, we don't know who it is from to date...
My dad opened the envelope and it was for $3000! What the magic of Christmas can do, I am telling you it is life changing.
From that moment on, we know that this was a life long event for us.

October 19, 2015 

As many of you have seen; we have been under construction for a very long time.  Unfortunately it has taken way too long and we have suffered some contracting bumps along the way.  
I hope this doesn't happen to any of you, it is a long and traitorous road!
CKG Design is a wonderful company based here in Markham that has helped us in many ways through this contracting disaster.  They are so good I really wanted to extend this special invite to you.
So staying with the theme CKG Creative Kitchen Gallery is is putting on an exclusive free event for Folco’s VIP members.  
Thursday November 5th 6:30 - 8:30pm
 RSVP by November 2nd: mari@ckg.ca / 905-471-3500 / www.ckg.ca 
If anyone has been stuck in renovation because of contractors, or you just don't know what to do next.  Or if you just love design; want to renovate something in your home; or just would like to get out for a night of fun and interactive learning with great Markham Design Professionals.  This is the event is for you!
You will be served food and wine pairings and be provided with a tool kit to create your renovation ideas or redesign of any aspect of your home or cottage. 
We invite you to join them for an intimate night of Perfect Pairings
ENGAGE IN INSPIRING CONVERSATION with design experts from every field, while enjoying perfectly paired food & wine. Don’t miss this opportunity for 1-on-1 consultations, come discuss your renovation ideas, learn about what’s on trend, What’s New & What’s Next for 2016 and gain some confidence in how to perfectly pair your project with the professional you need for your design project at every level. 
YOUR HOSTS: Steve Torok of CKG the expert in Functional Design based on how you live in your home.
Karin Hatch of Karamia Soft Design Lab specializing in Resourcing a Niche of Fine Furnishings that reflect you. SPECIAL GUEST CONSULTANTS: Gloria Rinaldi of Benjamin Moore – A brief talk about this year’s trend on Colours for 2016.

Pat Nauta of Floral Decor - a demonstration of some style pairings for a beautiful table this season. 

RSVP by November 2nd: mari@ckg.ca / 905-471-3500 / www.ckg.ca 

CKG serves our community. Our community is our strength. Our kids are our future. Support 360° Kids 
May of you have seen our construction outside and see that not much is happening … and what ever is it is not happening fast…
therefore I though maybe you be more interested in what is happening on the inside with all of us, because there is defiantly a lot more happening in here!!
There is so much to talk about and be thankful for with many in the Folco family and our extended restaurant family. Some of us are off to Italy in a couple of weeks, some are getting married, even new additions are coming soon!!
Firstly, Happy Birthday to Farrah !!
Farrah a wonderful part of our staff here at Folco’s..she is defiantly a part of our family as well and we are so excited to announce that she has just got engaged to the love of her life..it even happened here at Folco’s. They are such a wonderful couple and we are so excited for them!
My Brother Matthew and Amanda (our new sis!!) are in the midst of planning a wonderful wedding and are going to celebrate their engagement next month with a big ol’ Folco’s party!!
Matt and Amanda we love you tons and wish only the best for you…enjoy every minute of this :))))
Our Sous chef Jordan - a couple of months and his big wedding day will be here!!! Congrats Jord and Mel; we love you both and are so excited for your big day!
My Brother and Sister in Law are pregnant with their first BABY!!! Jorge and Jo we are so happy for you both, it is such a wonderful gift and we are so excited for you both.
Now some are getting ready to have another baby any day now!!!
I would like to say how proud I am of my little sister Angie.
She is a wonderful mom, wife and sister…she is about to bring another beautiful little baby into this world and I just wanted to take a second to tell her how much I love her.
I cant wait to meet this little babe…you have done such a great job Ang and I cant wait to have another little addition to our crazy but wonderful family.
Tomorrow is my brother-in-law’s birthday and maybe he will get the best gift tomorrow…fingers crossed lol!!
Mario you are a wonderful husband and father. You are always there for us and all we need to do is ask and you are there, it means so much to me. Angie is so lucky to have you as a husband, Capri is so lucky to have you as a dad and I am lucky to have you as a brother :)
…I hope your day brings you all you deserve and want. May this year be the best yet!!
Love you both!
Now that you are caught up with everything on the inside!!! Maybe it will be good Karma for us on the outside!
As Many of you know we are rebuilding the veranda that was on the front of the building in 1900. It is a slow process but we know it will be well worth it in the end.
So far we have found amazing artifacts buried under ground and we are restoring them as we speak. Old bumpers, parts of the carriage to a horse and buggy…
Thanks for your continued support through the renovations!! We believe you will really appreciate the history that it brings when all is complete.

Jan 23, 2015

Here are our specials for this week!!

Roasted Golden Beet Salad Roasted Golden Beets, Pickled Pearl Onion, Pickled Cucumber, Papaya, Avocado, Elderflower Honey Vinaigrette

Pan Seared Halibut
 Smoked Corn Brodo, Sweet Pea and Basil Tortelloni, Amalfi Lemon Reduction   Tableside Speck Fettuccine Hand Made fettuccine, Speck Proscuitto, finished tableside in our Grana Padano Wheel  Foccacia Crusted Rack of LambWith a Chianti Reduction and Wild Mushroom Ravioli 

Nov 19, 2014

We are so proud to announce that Folco’s Ristorante won the Markham Board of Trade Community Relations and Cultural Enrichment Award.

Thank you to our wonderful staff; we couldn’t have done anything we have accomplished without you all.  You all are so important to us and an integral part of the Folco’s team.

Thank you to our loyal customers for seeing us through, storms, construction, closures and more construction. 
I know that this award had a lot to do with the tiny miracle of raising $10 000 for a Child in Markham in a little over 2 weeks last year through the Folco’s Children’s Wish Foundation Miracle Tree.  Therefore, we want to share this award with all of you who generously donated so much to make a child’s wish come true in time for Christmas.

Today we went out to choose our tree that was graciously donated once again by Whitamore’s Farms here in Markham.  In return we will be planting another 2 trees to replace the 1 that was donated for the children, so that my kids can still keep this tradition alive for many years to come!  

(I will post more pics next week of our adventures!)

Thank you so much Terry for being our Miracle Tree Ambassador, Chief Repair Officer and most of all great friend!  WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

We are so excited to announce that we will be holding our 2nd Annual Children’s Wish Miracle Tree Lighting

Sunday, November 23, 2104

Children’s Wish Dinner 5:00 pm
limited seating for dinner so please book your tables early to avoid disappointment

Silent Auction
Live Music 
3 course dinner 
Lots of other surprises...
Come and make a wish, and help make a wish come true!
PLEASE NOTE; we will be lighting our Wish Tree at 6:30pm and anyone is invited to join us at that time!!
We will have live music outside, hot beverages, silent auction, raffle tickets, and so much more!!
Please see below for details.

Here is a little background on why we started this beautiful fundraiser in the first place.

Throughout my life I have always tried to give back as much as I can to my community, friends, ones in need, etc.
My parents were so wonderful at teaching me to give to others; some of my best times with them were when we were helping someone. I remember a very cold winter my dad took me to a leaf game downtown and before we got to the game we went and handed out our old winter jackets to people on the streets. I remember such warmth in my heart; I knew this was something I wanted to do all of my life.
For many years our family has done what we could to support charities; but we want to do more –
Therefore, we created the, Folco’s Wish Foundation.
Children’s Charities have always been very close to my heart. When my first son was born we had a scare, then he was sick for the first 3 months of his life and couldn’t eat or keep anything down. After three months of getting special food at Sick Kids and with the help of great doctors, he was ok...we are the lucky ones. I have very close and wonderful friends and family around me who have been through so much with their children, and if we can do anything to make a little difference in the life of one child it would be a dream come true.
Therefore our foundation was created to help WISH FAMILIES in Markham, through the CHILDREN’S WISH FOUNDATION OF CANADA.
There are so many Children with life threatening illnesses right here in Markham that have wishes that need to be granted, and we want to help make the wishes of these children come true, one child at a time.
Now I am sure many of you have seen our 20ft Christmas tree outside on out patio last year.  Well this year it is going to be even bigger!!!
This event starts off the Miracle Wish Tree Fundraiser. How does it work?

Come in to Folco’s and choose and ornament

Make a donation, (any denomintation) - $25 and up will receive a tax receipt
Write your own wish on the ornament
Hang it on the our 40 ft Miracle Wish Tree
Sign the guest book and add a wish for our wish child
When we present the cheque to the Wish Child they will get a book with all of our wishes for them.

From Nov 23 – Christmas Eve Come and make a wish, and help make a wish come true!

Nov 13, 2014

A wonderful friend of mine Susan Baker is an inspiration to me in many ways.  She is a wonderful mom, successful and knowledgeable Nutritionist, a treasured friend and a great wife...right Stu!!!Her passion for what she does and her drive to always know and learn more inspires many.   She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and in turn many of us come to her for advice and direction.

Nov 1, Susan headed up a "30 day challenge.”Designed for us to be more aware of how and what we eat as well as our everyday routines for 30 days.  

My mom and I have really put ourselves to the test and it feels great!! Thanks for doing this with me mom!!
Eating healthy isn’t always easy, so I thought I would give a couple of healthy options for anyone else that might be challenging themselves this week. I promise, they are tasty! 

Roasted Beet and Clementine Salad
feta, cashew brittle, blueberries, amalfi lemon 

Butternut Squash Gnocch
iwild mushrooms, homemade fennel sausage, butter, sage, parmigiana 

Tableside Risotto
wild mushroom, white truffle, finished tableside, grana padano cheese wheel 

Blackened Red Snapper
Organic beet spaghetti, aglio olio, sautéed winter greens
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